Care Again

Branding and Creative Direction
Care Again
Branding and Illustration
Pen and Paper, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop

Project Overview

Teaming up with Micheal, whose aim was to create a brand that resonates with individuals navigating tough times, I assisted in shaping a brand identity that mirrors his mission. He wanted to reach out to those who've faced mental and physical challenges, offering them encouragement and a sense of community. Micheal shared his personal journey - the setbacks, the doubts, and the eventual resurgence of his professional ambitions. Together, we translated his narrative into a brand identity that exudes resilience, empathy, and the belief in second chances. The outcome? A brand that not only showcases products but also serves as a platform for sharing experiences and inspiring others to persevere. Through our collaboration, we've crafted something impactful, poised to uplift and connect people.

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